Whofest coming up, new game almost done

Quiet busy preparing the details on the TARDIS adventure game and finishing a most challenging new game, Red Shirts in a Blue Box choose-your-own-adventure game.   Chris and I have almost finished our costumes, and our helms and collars are done by the wonderful ParkerandQuinn.  Our robes cost has been high, over $800 in materials with 13 yards of thick velvet and lined with Berdine

The TARDIS game is really getting good. More theater, tougher challenges, malevolent actors, and real swag to win.  The TARDIS adventure game is a 3 part game and we always need TARDIS volunteers. If interested, and you will be at the DFW Whofest, let us know.

The GameMasters of Gallifrey need you.
The GameMasters of Gallifrey need you.