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How to backup the Samsung M400 phone to Ubuntu

This nasty little problem is not well documented out on the net. I couldn’t move files over using the USB cable, because it won’t show as a mass storage device.

Here is my solution.


1. on your Ubuntu computer turn on Bluetooth.  If it doesn’t have it, you can buy a cheap USB dongle for $5 on ebay.

2. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone.

On your Samsung M400

On your Ubuntu

1. From your home screen, press Menu/OK.
2. Select Settings/Tools > Tools > Bluetooth.
3. If Bluetooth is off, select On/Off and then press the left Option key to select On.
4. Make sure you have “bluetooth manager” on Ubuntu
5. In Bluetooth Manager, search for new device.
6. It will find a device, flash a hex address, then update the name to M400
7. Choose “pair device” after you see it.
8. Approve pairing
9, Go to Settings/Tools > Tools > Bluetooth>Visibility and turn on for 3 minutes  (this may not help but i did it)
10. Go to Settings/Tools > Tools > Bluetooth>Trusted devices  and select your computer name that it gave you after the pairing. (it should be there) there is on option to ‘transfer’  choose it! Then choose ‘send contacts’.  It will show all your contacts but none are selected. In options, choose ‘select all’.
Then click “send”This begins the transfer once you approve step 11
11. Ubuntu asks you to approve incoming files. Click yes, even tho it didn’t give you an option of where they are going.  After I accepted, it dumped them into ‘/home/(me)/Public’ as one file per contact.
 If this worked for you, feel free to tip me some LiteCoin  LWnAqriAeMywWFZ5VAeYd3SakLoAUNHXSU

My opinion of this phone is low. The flip sanyos are much better. Unfortunately all the smart phones are very dumb in that they leak data out wifi horribly and I can’t use them due to security.

Oh, and if you hate the ‘nuance’ button being pressed while in your pocket (“Say a command”)  and trying to pocket dial, you can pry out the button (bottom left) with the tip of a knife. Nuance will still work when activated by your bluetooth headset. I have no frilling idea why these idiots dedicated an outside button to it.


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