TARDIS Game Starting Node

Greetings, from the GameMaster.

I am Theta Segundus, your appointed Gallifreyan GameMaster.

How to Win

This game has one goal – Survive the Episode while helping the Doctor. Don’t take it lightly.

There are many perils out there and quite a few of the Doctor’s companions perish in horrible painful deaths.  However, the BBC simply does not show those episodes due to British  moralality laws.


At each story point, called NODES, you will have a decision to make. Once made, you will  be told the node # to proceed too.

How to find the right NODE is easy, there is a master list of the Nodes by the TARDIS.

The Node list will tell you the general location of each node is, and if it is quasi-hidden.  Some nodes may be outside on trees, some under benches, but most will be obvious on walls.

 You begin!    Story Node #1

Your Choices:

A. You go with the Doctor is his blue box!

B. You stay at home safely drinking cappuccino.

Choose wisely.