Node 90 – Sarcophagi for a nice guy

Hide in a trunk, as bad an idea as it sounds, turns out to be a good idea.  The troupe passes you by without anyone being discovered. The three of you carefully enter the main room. There is a Sarcophagus open that the Doctor recognizes as Osirian technology. A spacetime portal, in fact the same one that brought Marcus to England.  The Doctor disrupts the tunnel using the TARDIS key.  The spatial-temporal back-blast knocks him out.
You are now stuck with an unconscious Doctor. This will not do.

Q: Do you drag him out of the room back to the hunting lodge? Or throw water on his face and wait until he comes to?
A.  Drag him out back to the Cottage, see node 95.
B. Water on face. Proceed to node 100