Node 60 – On the down low

You duck down behind the boughs of the tree and stay perfectly still. As the mummy walks by you, the sound of your breathing is loud and your stomach grumbles even louder. However, the mummy walks past and finally leaves.  Resuming the hunt you find a fellow, Lawrence, to come and help you, and carry the wounded Dr Warlock. The four of you make it back to a hunting lodge, but you are still shaken up a bit. You tell the doctor about the mummy, but he blows you off.  Then the doctor and Lawrence work on an experimental radio Lawrence made, and determine that there is some strong radio waves coming from the mansion. The message broadcast is “Beware Sutekh!” The Doctor determines to get to the bottom of it by going to the mansion. You offer to come along and he warns you not to, that it is the most dangerous thing even he has done in 900 years. Of course, you and Lawrence sneak after him anyway.
You arrive in time to see the doctor peering through the crack in the doors of the great hall. Namin and the mummies greet the arrival of Sutekh’s servant who travels to the priory via a spacetime tunnel, the portal of which is disguised as an upright sarcophagus. Naimen, thinking this new servant is Sutekh himself, drops to his knees.  The Servant ignores Namin’s praise and kills him, declaring that Sutekh needs no other servant. He is revealed to be Marcus Scarman, although he actually is just an animated corpse. Scarman uses the spacetime tunnel to communicate with Sutekh, who orders Scarman to secure the perimeter of the estate and to construct an Osirian war missile.

Scarman and the robots leave the hall to execute their orders, you and the Doctor are about to be caught out in the hall. The Doctor profoundly whispers, “Quick. Hide!”

Q: Do you hide in the suit of armor next to you? Hide in the large trunk with Laurence? Or stand behind the door with the sword and attack them as they go by?
A. Hide in trunk – Node 90
B. Attack with Sword. Node 73
C. Hide in Armor. Node 75