Node 38 – Checking out the rear

Indeed you do the noble thing, to protect the wounded and his aid giver. You help get him out of the mansion, then you fall back to the hedgerow and wait. After no more than three minutes, you see the gunman, Naiman, come out, perhaps 50 yards away, but head away from you. When you duck down behind a hedge you accidentally step on a stick which makes an awfully loud nerve-wracking crack. When you poke your head back up you realize you are seen by the gunman who begins begins running after you. You realize that you can’t lead this man to the Doctor or he could kill both of you. So you have to lead him away.

Q: Do you lead him toward the house again with the intention of shaking him off your tail inside the mansion or do you try to lead him around the outside of the mansion and shake him by hiding in the deep hedges on the far side until he passes and is gone?
A: Ditch the gunman inside the mansion. Go to node 41
B: Lead him around the mansion and hide in hedges. See node 39