Node 35 – Kung Fu Who?

Unfortunately, you don’t know Kung Fu. While screaming a theatrical ‘HA YAW!’, you ineffectively thunk him on the nape of his neck, his gun booms in exclamation and he spins around to take a second shot at you when the Doctor smashes a Greek urn on his head. You stumble back coughing in the cloud of ash released from the Greek urn, and realize what a close shave you had. When you look up you discover the other man, Dr. Warlock, is wounded. The first bullet hit him.  Further, the man is badly wounded, the doctor asks you to help carry him. Bear in mind, the assailant who killed the house keeper may be pursuing you.

Q: Do you help carry or do suggest you scout behind as rearguard?
A. Help carry – proceed to 40
B. Rearguard- proceed to 38