Node 30 – Overheard

While skulking around the edge of the mansion, you overhear a heated argument between Naiman and Dr. Warlock, a friend of Markus Scarman. An agitated Naiman speaks of a great Egyptian power rising, the other man thinks he is crazy. Then off in the distance, a scream is heard back from where you came. The two men run back. You and the Doctor follow.  The crazed man, Namin, shouts about the coming of the great power is upon us.

Naiman packing some heat.
Naiman packing some heat.

You notice then, the nice housekeeper you just met, is on the ground, dead, with a broken neck. Then you see the madman, Namin, produce a gun and point it at Dr. Warlock. You are behind this madman and he doesn’t see you.

Q: Do you attempt to knock him out with a nearby Ming vase or cleanly take him down with a kung fu chop?
A Grab vase – see Node 33
B. Kung Fu Chop his neck. See Node 35