Node 208 – Power cell

You enter into another room, as expected, the door seals behind you. You assume that you answered the last question correctly, but you are not sure. This could be a trap.
A voice appears in your head, examines you, and your origins and says something quite unexpected:

“During a recent UNIT investigation, Chief Inspector Stone was interviewing five local interplanetary villains to try and identify who stole Archath Power Cell from the Pythus Galactic Trade Show” Below is a summary of their statements:

Arn:  it wasn’t Edward
it was Bezthem

Bezthem:   it wasn’t Char
it wasn’t Edward

Charlie: it was Edward
it wasn’t Arn

Derek:   it was Char
it was Bezthem

Edward:  it was Derek
it wasn’t Arn

Further, each suspect told exactly one lie. Can you determine who stole the power cell?

A. Arn. See 240
B. Bezthem. See 241
C. Char. See 242
D. Derek. See 243
E. Edward. See 244