Node 190 – Liar Liar Pants on…wait, you don’t wear pants

You enter into another room, as expected, the door seals behind you. You assume that you answered the last question correctly, but you are not sure. This could be a trap.
The second puzzle.  Two robot holograms appear. Robot 01 and Robot 02. A disembodied voice says that they may both be truth tellers, or both liars, or one truth teller and one liar.
Robot 01 says “Robot 02 is a liar”, Robot 02 says “Neither of us are liars”

Q: Pick the liar
A: Robot 01  Go to 192
B: Robot 02  Go to 194
C: They both are liars.  Go to 196
D: They both are truth tellers.  Go to 198