Node 170 – Come along for the ride

You go with a mind-controlled Doctor, Scarman, and many Robo minions. When you arrive on Mars you see the greatest of pyramids, bigger than Egypt!  But your joy is short lived.

Sutekh orders Scarman to dispose of the Doctor and so a robot strangles him. Scarman and the robot then find the way into of the first chamber beneath the pyramid and leaves you weeping over the dead Doctor. In a moment, to your great surprise he regains consciousness, gleefully telling you that his respiratory bypass system allowed him to avoid death. Together you set off in search of Scarman through a series of chambers which to your dismay require solving logical or philosophical problems and wrong answers bear lethal repercussions.

Riddle me this,  Riddle me that, What can you guess, To get out of this Trap?
Riddle me this, Riddle me that, What can you guess, To get out of this Trap?

You enter the first room, the door shuts and seals behind you. The cloven hoof of the  puzzle –  you both are trapped in a sealed clear tube. The Doctor appears to be trapped in stasis, not moving.  Two robots arrive, a voice says that one is a truth teller, the other a liar.  You may ask one question to either of them, then you must guess the truth teller in order to escape.  The Doctor will only be released if you answer all the riddles in all 3 rooms.

Q: Which question do  you ask that would discover the truth teller with just one question?
A. Ask one “Will the other robot tell the truth?” See 190
B. Ask either “Is a truth true.” See 200