Node 160 – Out of the pan into the fire

A splendid shot. You successfully ignite the explosives, but Sutekh telepathically suppresses the combustion reaction.

The explosion is contained by Sutekh's sheer mental will.
The explosion is contained by Sutekh’s sheer mental will.

In a desperate bid, the Doctor uses the spacetime tunnel to travel to and distract Sutekh, allowing the rocket to be destroyed but trapping himself. The mummy remove the bomb in time and Sutekh interrogates the Doctor and discovers he is a Time Lord from Gallifrey. He locates the TARDIS and decides to use it to transport Scarman to the Pyramids of Mars in order to deactivate the Eye of Horus, the force that is trapping him. Sutekh via mental brute force, subjects the Doctor to mind control and returns him to the priory as another of his servants. He orders Scarman to bring a robot and you into the TARDIS to travel to Mars.

Q: Do you go willingly and stay with the Doctor? or resist? or do you try to get away?
A: Willingly – Go to 170
B: Resist – See 162
C: Attempt Escape – Go to 168