Node 122 – Ring in a new fear

Not a smart move, but a bold one. In desperation, you grab the ring and put it on. When you shout, “STOP!” All five mummy robots come to a lumbering halt.

The ring saves the Doctor in the nick of time.
The ring saves the Doctor in the nick of time.

Their bandages flutter in the breeze coming into the room. You realize that you’re frozen and your heart is pounding. You are still shocked it worked and you are alive. The Doctor wryly informs you that unless you are going to invite them for dinner you should send them away. So you bark a command “Return to Control” and they all begin to lumber away. You suck in a deep breath of air and mutter, “never a dull moment.”

Surveying the equipment ruined by the mummies, the Doctor decides it is time to investigate the rocket. He slips out for a minute while you and Laurence clean up the damage and drag the deactivated mummy to the side. When the Doctor returns 5 minutes later he informs the trio that the best course of action is to blow up the partially assembled rocket in the stable courtyard of the priory. Laurence suggests using blasting gelignite, which the late Clements kept in his hut.

Q: Do you offer to go get the Gelignite? Do you encourage the doctor to come?
A. If you go alone see #140
B. If you Encourage the doctor to come, #150