Node 110 – TARDIS bug out

Again, you suggest that you should just leave in the TARDIS, because you know that the world did not end in 1911. The Doctor, rather dour, demonstrates otherwise by moving the TARDIS forward to 1980, where it is a blasted wilderness. Thus, you have no choice but to return to 1911 and stop Sutekh or the future will be lost.  The Doctor also realizes the missiles will be aimed at the power source on Mars, releasing Sutekh who will destroy any alien races he can, including Earth’s.

Back in 1911, the Doctor makes a jamming unit to prevent Sutekh from controlling his servants. Laurence finds it too hard to deal with the Doctor’s assertion that Marcus Scarman, his only brother, is dead and that the being with his appearance is just a puppet. He overhears the Doctor telling Sarah that when the jamming device is activated, all of Sutekh’s servants will stop, Marcus included. At the crucial moment when the device is activated, Laurence attempts to stop it from happening.

1980 doesn't look so good anymore. Better fight Sutekh.
1980 doesn’t look so good anymore. Better fight Sutekh.

In a stroke of bad luck, off to your left you hear the screams of Clements. Unfortunately, just outside, the mummies sent to find and kill Clements were successful, and they are now breaking into your hunting lodge. Very soon the robots will overrun the hunting lodge and likely kill everyone. In the pursuing battle, Laurence manages to kill the first mummy to break in using a decoration halberd from the wall. Things are grim, and you clearly are out numbered.

The mummy robots break in!
The mummy robots break in!

Q: Do you run?  Do you use the Ring and hope you can get it to work?

A: Run, see 115.
B. The ring, 122.