Yes, I happen to have a Type 39 TARDIS.  The chameleon circuit is still giving me problems, likely a design flaw I think.tardis gravity shift



It has appeared at the 2013 Mensa annual gathering in Ft Worth (it was part of a wedding), the 2013 Dallas WhoFest, at (name retracted) in New Orleans, and at various driveways and yards around Austin.

121_0349There is also a most awesome TARDIS game, that we perform wherever the TARDIS goes.


Location :NW Austin, Texas, USA

Weight: ~1/4 ton

Materials: MDF sides and base, Pine corner posts, and professionally done signage.

Height: 8′ 10″

Sound: Yes, there is an internal sound system that can constantly play the TARDIS hum at low frequencies.

Materialization time: 2 people: 1.25 hours,  3 people: 45 min. + travel to vehicle

De-materialization time: 3 people: 30 min. + travel to vehicle

Main transport: GMC long bed truck.


Rental? Maybe…

Yes, I rent it out. Well, not really. The TARDIS itself is free, but I have to haul it and come with it, therefore as the curator, I ask for a donation of $450 + ($0.40/mi) + hotel stipend   to cover my time, labor, maintenance, hotel, gas money, and the upgrades that I am slowly adding. Bear in mind, I operate the TARDIS as an unofficial non-profit. I just don’t want to lose so much money that I have to say no to loaning it out to good causes. That would suck.

I only loan it out to those with a truly good cause, or a good convention.  So basically, if you are an interesting non-profit, contact me via the contact page.

Examples of good causes: children’s hospital, city planetarium, fan movie, Aggiecon, Whofest, childrens xxx fundraiser, etc,

Example of non-good causes: Someone’s birthday party, publicity stunt for a corporate function, trade show prop, etc.


  • I or my friends must be able to watch the TARDIS at all times.
  • Our word is law around the TARDIS.
  • The inside is off limits, except if one of us permits it.
  • Photos are fine, we’ll even help.
  • The TARDIS must not be set up where it can cause a bottleneck
  • The TARDIS needs power


Wanted Upgrades:

Projector with sound – To play short videos on the nearby wall.

15″ subwoofer to get a better ‘feel’ when playing the TARDIS hum.


Mad scientist realizes we're not on the space station.
Mad scientist realizes we’re not on the space station.
making of beer run
A horse is a horse, of course, of course. Except if it rides in a TARDIS.
Just in time for the wedding.
Just in time for the wedding.
The Doctor got tapped by a weeping angel. These players helped save him.
The Doctor got tapped by a weeping angel. These players helped save him.

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would love to take my engagement pictures with a tardis. i’m from dallas and can travel to Austin for this.

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