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Sending links to password protected pages in WordPress

Update  16JAN13 – the older post blow  is now invalidated.

The solution you seek is now the Post Password Token plugin, which is a FREE plugin on WordPress.  Donate $10 if you like it !  I did.


Old solution


So if you are reading this, you already know how to click the password protect button in WordPress. But what you are really wanting to know is how to send a link to someone, with the password option already embedded. Say a client who isn’t going to remember his password.

First, you probably searched WP looking for the #@$! plugin that does this. No luck.
Second, you’ve realized that you’ll have to either install a ‘membership’ style plugin or tweak htpaccess code.
Third, you’ve found my humble musing with a promise of an elegant solution.

Well, i’m hitchhiking off of
who really solved it, but made a typo just at the finish line and screwed up the answer.

So use your friendly ftp program to log into your website, download the /wp-includes/post-template.php and look for function post_password_required about halfway down.

insert this little snippet near the top.

if ( $_GET[‘get_password’] == $post->post_password )
return false;

so it looks like

function post_password_required( $post = null ) {
$post = get_post($post);

if ( $_GET[‘get_password’] == $post->post_password )
return false;

if ( empty($post->post_password) )
return false;

if ( !isset($_COOKIE[‘wp-postpass_’ . COOKIEHASH]) )
return true;

if ( $_COOKIE[‘wp-postpass_’ . COOKIEHASH] != $post->post_password )
return true;

return false;

SAVE THE FILE locally. On the server, save the old file post-template.php as post-template.php.old (in case you screw up, you can roll back).

UPLOAD the new file post-template.php.

And now send the link as

it pulls up like a public page.  Note that once it pulls up, that I think a cookie is set, and it keeps showing. So you’ll have to test on a 2nd computer that hasn’t entered the password before.




Note! 4/23/12 – WordPress updates will wipe out this file. So you need to save a copy of this file as post-template.php.working and then after an update, replace the post.template with the post-template.php.working after EVERY wordpress update.


BTW, this is really really handy for delivering ebooks from Clickbank so you can control access to the files.



8/1/2012 recent WordPress updates changed this and this solution is no longer valid. now the best thing to do is simply hide the page to deliver the product.


Streaming music from FreeNAS to Android

First, you need FreeNAS installed on a server. Then you’ll need to turn on a service (under services) iTunes/DAAP. Config this by selecting your music directory and following the logic of the page. If you installed FreeNAS, this config shouldn’t be an issue.

==update Jan 1, 2014 =====  So FreeNAS is no longer FreeNAS, it is now called NAS4Free and some company has acquired the rights to call their bloated NAS “Freenas” and have the old website.  So stick with NAS4Free because it will run on older, weaker hardware and have all these wonderfully mature and stable options like DAAP.

Second, go to the Droid market and download the free DAAP app. Configure it to point to your FreeNAS server and it will read your music library in a minute or so.

That should leave you good to go.



GIS training online

Everyone should known a little bit about GIS.

Personally, I use GIS for meteorite hunting, tracking fall locations, scouting the area before I arrive, and other clever uses.

But spending 2-4 years of your life back in school to learn GIS is asking too much of people. So here’s a company that offers GIS training online and do it in one day. Pretty neat, huh?


New way to comunicate to email lists using automated timing of emails

Aweber is a interesting tool to send out emails to groups of people. And as people join your email list, you can start them in on a pre-designed series of emails. For example, Joe Blow joins your list on Monday, he gets email #1 on day 0 (instantly), then he’ll get email #2 on day 4, then email #3 on day 7, email #4 on day 14, and so on thru the series. Very neat tool.

This will be quite handy for my beekeeping website.


Learning SEO easily

It is brilliant, it is well done, it is free.

I thought it was great, so I’d recommend it to any entrepreneur who doesn’t have a firm grasp on SEO.

Basically walks you thru keyword search, SEO, content creation and monetization for creating a market niche of an online business.


Common Misconceptions

An excellent wiki entry to annoy people at parties. Everyone should read this.

Like … Napoleon wasn’t short, his height was measured in French feet, which caused the misconceptions.

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Joining the Prime Search

I’ve always been fascinated by large numbers. Math is pure and unhindered by politics, emotions, and the frailties of mankind. Back at Texas A&M, my Greek friend and I got a grant to use the Cray YMP-2 supercomputer to try to compute out Pi past the million digit place. The Cherdnoski (sp?) brothers had discovered a new formula that permitted the computation of it. Alas, we didn’t make it far.

So now there comes the GIMPS project which is looking for special primes. GIMPS stands for Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search. So I have joined it by loading it on some server clusters I own that would otherwise be idle. So far, GIMPS finds a new prime about every year and a half. Of course my odds are about 1 in 100 over 10 years. But hey, it is free CPU cycles. I thought of running other BOINC projects like SETI@Home and Rosseta@home, but they make my server unstable, so I can’t run those. So I’m happy looking for big numbers.


New meteorite video series

Found this to be pretty neat.
Out of a Blue Sky Meteorites


Modifying a Zi8

I love my Zi8 vid camera but it has a terrible field of view.  So it needed a wide angle lens. Here’s how I did it.