Leather working

Making Turnshoes from the 10th – 14th century

My leather working has gotten better. I’m now attempting turnshoes, specifically the Jorvic shoe that was excavated in York. Upper is ~4oz leather, soles are ~11oz. For those who believe in proper metric it is 1.6mm upper, 4mm sole. I used VegTan for the sole, which is fine and veg tan for the upper, which is not a good choice. Upper should have a soft temper, chrome tan would be better. Soles, the softer the temper the easier the turning of the turnshoes.

Since I had no one to teach me, I found a excellent online course by Laughing Crow. I recommend it to anyone. Which gives you the option to either buy the DVD (meh), stream it online for 4 weeks (I bought this) or stream it online and download the video ( I finally bought this too, because I need to reference it occasionally).

I made a second pair using Elk hide, which technically was nicer than my first pair. However, Elk stretches and that was a big problem, as they no longer fit and are someone dangerous to wear on sloped ground. I may convert them to sandals.

Next pair will be from Buffalo hide. Further, I may teach my a class to my local SCA folks.