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Litecoin config for Gigabyte ATI HD 7970

The Script

Did a quick study to see hashrates. Concluded the best config script a launch is:

export DISPLAY=:0

./cgminer –scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u (your-litecoin-addy-here) -p anypasswordyouwant –intensity 13 -g 2  –worksize 256 –thread-concurrency 8192  –auto-fan   –gpu-engine 1075 –gpu-memclock 1500

Running on 12.04 Xubuntu.

So the 7970 are known for good mem overclocking which is useful for Litecoin

Of the launch script above the –gpu-engine 1075 –gpu-memclock 1500 is the most critical parts.   Gigabyte cards perform better with ‘-g 2’


The GPU/Mem ratios test results

First we need to see how fast we can push the memory clock.

GPU/Mem  –  kHash/s

1024/1425   531

1024/1475 556

1024 1500 578

1024 1525  476

1024/1512  486

1024/1496 571

Thus the 1500 is the ideal target, after doing small increment testing. Now to tweek the GPU clock.

1044/1500  590

1100/1500 545

1066/1500  593

1075/1500  610

1085/1500 580

1080/1500  596

1077/1500 608

And some other testing around 1075, 1076 isn’t as good nor 1074. So I opted to go with 1075/1500.   I tried different Intensity levels but 13 was the clear winner.  I varied other variables, but not to much avail.  The final script shows what works. I get 610kH on average.

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Just an FYI for other folks.
Other 7970 cards should be in the same range, start at 900/1400 and work up.

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