Leather Notebook Cover of Czocha is done.

Had a good week of finishing projects.  Finally got the axe hafted with the Douglas axehead. Wickedly heavy brute of 9# and sharp as sin.

Also finished the first notebook cover. Using 2-3mm veg tanned leather, a hilighter stain, and some tooling. I got damn lucky that someone did most of my design for me at which is Czocha from College of Wizardry 4.

I took the vectorized outline and then wetted the leather, let it dry 10 minutes then taped the printout over the leather and used a stylus to push lines into the leather. Then an x-acto knife and swivel knife to make the cuts.

Raw cutting with some tooling

After which I used highlight stain to stain the cut lines, then saddle tan dye to darken it up.

Designed for a 8.5"x11" Mead notebook.
Designed for a 8.5″x11″ Mead notebook.