McCartney Taylor  from Austin, Texas is the president of Blackbeard Data Services, an oil and gas data vendor specializing in oil and gas lease ownership information.


Mr. Taylor is a seasoned entrepreneur and businessman, he quasi-retired in the mid 2000’s until he accidentally stumbled into beekeeping on an expedition in East Africa.¬† Insights in beekeeping brought the business cycle into sharp focus for him and he started back into entrepreneurship with renewed gusto. Launching geospatial data products and a geospatial training company called the Institute for Mapping Technology. The Institute now offers GIS online courses. He is passionate in deep web research methodology.

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Just wanted to let you know that I’ve really been enjoying your beekeeping videos on YouTube. I’ve been hanging around the fringes of beekeeping for some years now – I have a lot of gear and have helped other people keep their bees – and have finally decided to get hives of my own. I want to have them up and running by early spring, in time for the nectar flow here in Arkansas.

Anyway, wanted to let you know that you’ve helped germinate another beek! Thanks again, and have a great week!


Eric Francis
North Little Rock, Ark.


Your spider plot of global temperature change is brilliant. May I use your code for the education purpose, for example, seminar or open day, at our university?

Best regards,


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