Shed roof making progress

So the roof is up to 6 courses, with 5 having a second ply mortared on.

Roof up to 6 courses, from doorway now has gothic shape.

The corners continued to be a bitch until I realized I need to slope them in faster than the roof walls, because they need to get to the center faster as they have farther to travel.  Hence the nearby tiles are sloped in as I approach each corner. Now that that’s understood, I think I can make faster headway and get a row done and 2plyed in  2.5 hours. So maybe 3 courses a day 2-plyed completed?

The cross beams are going to be floor support for 2nd floor.



The sawhorse scaffold is now too low. The plan is to put in the rafter storage floor and use that as a scaffold.



Uphill side of roof shows the 2ply construction
You can see my guides aren’t that great, but I’m keeping a reasonable straight line for the roof sides.