We want YOU to be a TARDIS Game volunteer!

This page is for volunteers who want to help out with the TARDIS game at the Dallas WhoFest 2.

Our mission is to provide an awesome, interactive experience with our players. The game is a semi LARP/ semi scavenger hunt. Fully immersive, you will remain in character for the full game.

Top 4 reasons to Volunteer!

  1. Be part of a really cool event!
  2. Embed inside the Whovian Universe for an hour or two.
  3. Choose to be a force of good or evil and try to do in players or save them.
  4. Volunteers get to join the Gamemasters of Gallifrey for a Pizza Party on day 2 at the UNIT HQ!

Pick your part

We have lots of parts available for you, just pick which one you want. A list of Volunteer parts is here. You can volunteer for any of the 3 parts of the game.

The GameMasters of Gallifrey need you.
The GameMasters of Gallifrey need you.

Demographic of player

Median age is 17, bias toward female, high school student.  However, you will get parents with child on a team as well.  A smaller group will be older hard core classic whovians.

Game docs

Design document:  TARDIS game. Has scripts and background info and spells out how the game will work.

The game is designed as a LARP (live action role play) without the players realizing they are in a LARP

What a volunteer needs:

  • Once you know what NPC role you want, bring costume and/or accessories to make that character more believable. We have UNIT uniforms for those who want to be UNIT
  • Show up 20 minutes early.
  • Read your TARDIS Game NPC guide
  • If you have cosplay gear and want to use it, email us


How to volunteer?

Send me your info

Name, Tell me you want to volunteer! also the part you want, your second choice part you want, and age.  I’ll email back a confirm within 48 hours.

I’ve also turned on comment for this page, so we can keep questions all on this page.

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