Greatest Boatlift in History

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Deep Web research site created

Deep Web is something I’ve been fascinated by for years. It is simply the part of the internet that search bots can’t index and therefore engines like Google can’t find. Normally dynamically created pages from database. ie. an image archive of Spanish manuscripts from 1635. You have to search from the database portal page, but the spider bots can’t crawl the results therefore you can’t find the document you seek via Google.

So I’ve put together a website and built an extensive deep web search engines page. Eventually, I’ll put together a comprehensive research guide.

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A fan of treasure books

I have to be honest and say I am a fan of book on pirates and treasure tales. I found a site that is the most comprehensive I’ve seen on treasure hunting book reviews. If there are others out there who enjoy a good tall tale of treasure, go look up the reviews and see which one’s you may like.

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GIS training online

Everyone should known a little bit about GIS.

Personally, I use GIS for meteorite hunting, tracking fall locations, scouting the area before I arrive, and other clever uses.

But spending 2-4 years of your life back in school to learn GIS is asking too much of people. So here’s a company that offers GIS training online and do it in one day. Pretty neat, huh?

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New way to comunicate to email lists using automated timing of emails

Aweber is a interesting tool to send out emails to groups of people. And as people join your email list, you can start them in on a pre-designed series of emails. For example, Joe Blow joins your list on Monday, he gets email #1 on day 0 (instantly), then he’ll get email #2 on day 4, then email #3 on day 7, email #4 on day 14, and so on thru the series. Very neat tool.

This will be quite handy for my beekeeping website.

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Joining the Prime Search

I’ve always been fascinated by large numbers. Math is pure and unhindered by politics, emotions, and the frailties of mankind. Back at Texas A&M, my Greek friend and I got a grant to use the Cray YMP-2 supercomputer to try to compute out Pi past the million digit place. The Cherdnoski (sp?) brothers had discovered a new formula that permitted the computation of it. Alas, we didn’t make it far.

So now there comes the GIMPS project which is looking for special primes. GIMPS stands for Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search. So I have joined it by loading it on some server clusters I own that would otherwise be idle. So far, GIMPS finds a new prime about every year and a half. Of course my odds are about 1 in 100 over 10 years. But hey, it is free CPU cycles. I thought of running other BOINC projects like SETI@Home and Rosseta@home, but they make my server unstable, so I can’t run those. So I’m happy looking for big numbers.

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